What to Ask Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Attorney Requirements

Hiring a criminal defense attorney to represent you isn’t a walk in the park, nor should it be. If you just randomly pick an attorney that you don’t even know or haven’t done any research, you might as well just immediately plead guilty. There’s nothing like having an attorney that knows nothing about your story. After all, they are there to represent you in a time of crisis, and you’d want to do your best so that you won’t get into big trouble. Before you decide to hire an attorney, you should ask a few questions to build trust and confirm their expertise.

Do you have any experience in court?

As an attorney, their main concern is for their clients to get little to no punishment. That leads to a number of cases wherein the attorney ends up settling outside of court so that payments will be the only recourse. However, you never really know the severity of your case, so it would be best to hire a lawyer who has had a lot of experience in court trials.

Will there be constant communication?

One thing that should never be held back from clients is communication with their lawyers. Deals may be given to you by the prosecutor; and you might think that it’s a good deal, but in reality, there’s an underlying agenda. If you don’t communicate properly with your lawyer, you won’t get away with a lot of things. Ask how often you will meet and if they will tell you everything about the case and what will be done to get you off of it.

Criminal law involves more than just hiring an attorney to get you out of a sticky situation. Without good credentials and proper communication, you won’t be properly represented in court. If you are in Ocala, FL and you are looking for a reliable criminal defense attorney, P. Bobby Rumalla, P.A. will provide an expert who can represent you in court.

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