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If you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor in Ocala, FL and you need to be represented by a skilled criminal defense lawyer who will fight for your rights, stay on this page. Here, we will briefly explain what our services are about and what you should expect from each personal attorney at P. Bobby Rumalla, P.A.. Take a look!

Experienced criminal lawyer

Experienced criminal lawyer

Criminal Defense

We strive to achieve a complete resolution on a myriad of charges we deal with on a daily basis. Those include assault and battery, business crimes, homicides, DUI (Driving Under the Influence), and so much more. We can also advise you on a wrongful death case.

General Legal Issues

We offer legal consultations that are meant to establish a certain degree of clarity when it comes to our legal system. We can help you with general legal matters like animal bites, living trusts issues, and more. We suggest you call our attorneys at P. Bobby Rumalla, P.A. for the full list of our areas of expertise.


Any disputes that need to be resolved through the court system, fall under litigation law. They could have a wide variety of characteristics and encompass varying field. We offer litigation services for personal injury claims, property damage, trials, wills, and more.

Probation Violations

Do you face charges for a probation violation? There is a lot at stake with this kind of cases. Luckily our legal team in Ocala, FL specializes in those and we can offer you a helping hand by any of our expert criminal defense lawyers.

Personal Injury Cases and More!

Accidents and personal injury law are another one of the areas in which we are specialists in. After a free consultation, you will know what kind of assistance your case requires and how to get compensated or how to get a bond reduction. We are ready to help!

Give us a call next time you need the help of a licensed, certified, and bonded law firm at (352) 369-1777!

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